Lost Arts School

Our pursuit of goals often takes our mind away from the most important thing in life, which is to attain happiness. The art of living lies in achieving a sense of balance and in finding a harmony with our surroundings. The fast-track, goal-driven life of the present often makes us forget to find pleasure in simple things of life and that we can achieve biggest and most lasting happiness when we find contentment inside us. This is why revisiting the traditional ways of life can often act as a breather for us and may make use realize what we are missing when we strive after material things and in the process, sow seeds of unhappiness and discontent.

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We need practicality in our day-to-day life, We all need to pursue the goals that we have set before us. People look for birmingham teaching vacancies, and the classifieds they set practical goals before them. Yet we must remember that none of that should come at the cost of of compromising our spiritual and emotional well-being.

This is the biggest lesson we get to learn when we go back to lost arts of living. They, more than anything, teach us to accept life as it is and how to make a true connection with our innermost being-- our soul. Let us remember at this juncture what Lao Tzu said that if we lack nothing in this world, the world will start to belong to us. This is the lesson of acceptance. and to accept the world, the old world teaching tells us, we must first learn to accept ourselves as we are. Because self-acceptance is the ultimate key to happiness. We must learn to be happy as we are. While we must never stop trying to better ourselves, we must also accept ourselves as we are in the present moment.

Another valuable lesson that old arts of living teaches us is the virtue of sharing. We will find that many ancient societies were self-contained societies. This containment was possible because people knew how to share their possessions among themselves, so that no one would need to look outside to find nourishment and containment.

Incorporating creativity into our lives is another old world lesson that bears much meaning for us today. The importance of creating something on your own, and the happiness it brings with it, can never be overestimated. The ancient practices of craft and art industry were geared towards this aim.This was still not art for art's sake, but they produced things that were required in the daily lives of people. So that when we see our grandma knitting that old sweater, we know she is really a descendant of that spirit that created art for the purpose of daily life. The lesson we can learn from this is to apply our creative self to no matter what task we are performing. This will take away any tedium we may feel towards performing those tasks, and will also help us to come up with a result that is much more satisfactory and fulfilling.